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Depression, stress and anxiety

why are we happy?  

Why are we sad?  

Why are we afraid?

We tend to think that joy, sadness, fear is a matter of character, of luck, of misfortune.
The truth is that true joy does not depend on external situations, but is an internal state, a state of being, which originates in physical and mental health and balance. A happy person is a person who experiences a feeling of fullness and satisfaction in his life, regardless of the external events that befall him and from that happy feeling in his existence, produces in his environment and in his reality, positive events that feed his inner joy.

This is a magic circle whose results are usually seen in the opposite direction as well.
A sad, angry or depressed person will see his whole life in a negative light and react in a negative way to what is happening and thereby alienate people from him and create a reality for himself that reflects his inner world.

You can turn sadness - into joy, anxiety - into relaxation, in a completely natural way.

• Homeopathy treats the root of the problem
• Homeopathy restores balance to body and mind
• Your body responds in a natural way to the homeopathic treatment
• The homeopathic solution is effective and natural
• The results of the homeopathic treatment are long-term
• The improvement in lifestyle, function and health is significant.


Homeopathy treats every symptom as an indication of an internal imbalance. Hence, a symptom is actually a result.

Every physical and mental symptom is a result. The treatment of dissatisfaction, changes in mood, depression, pressures, fears, anxieties or any other unpleasant feeling, which are manifested on the physical level as a chemical imbalance and on the mental level as a feeling or experience, are perceived by homeopathy as a result only.

Since these symptoms are the result of an internal imbalance, the goal of homeopathy is to help the person return to balance.

When the person is balanced, this balance will be reflected on the physical level as a chemical balance and on the mental level in a healthy mood.

The goal of homeopathy is to change the cause from the root.

The fact that we remove or repress a symptom, without treating the cause, does not mean that the problem does not exist - it would be like turning off the fuel light in the car, without fueling the car. The symptom (the warning light), comes to serve us and tell us that something is wrong.

If we disconnect or break the warning light, we will not treat the cause but the symptom. We will have to add fuel to address the problem itself.
The same goes for every physical and mental process that goes through us and our bodies.

To address the problem we must locate the specific cause that leads us to illness, insecurity, fear.

With correct and precise treatment, natural and correct recovery for body and mind.

To help you recover from your lack of satisfaction, stress, sadness or anxiety, I would be happy to invite you to my clinic in Ra'anana.
All you have to do is spare an hour and a half of your time and decide to take care of yourself, in order to find an effective and permanent solution to your situation.
Please contact me to make an appointment.

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