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Dear Mom,

I am happy to inform you,

that the results in my clinic prove that there is indeed a natural solution for ADHD sufferers.


I invite you to contact me and I will be happy to give you a personal explanation of my treatment method and how I can help you and your family in a completely natural way so that together, under my close guidance, we will help your child build a strong and stable foundation that will accompany him throughout his adult life. It is in your hands.


Parental responsibility in the treatment of ADHD


ADHD in our child leads many parents to make irrational decisions, due to the great pressure often exerted by the school and the education system. The pressure is mainly mental, a distressed situation in which we as parents want to do the best for our child in order to calm the system around him - the teacher, the counselor and the school principal.

The main victim is our child.

His/her suffering is mental and physical.

The conventional drug treatment also leads to immediate side effects: nausea, concentration, fatigue, lack of appetite and loss of self-esteem.

Various studies in the world are slowly proving that the worse thing is the long-term health effect.


Why were there no attention disorders in our past?


There were, but we didn't treat the attention disorder as an exception.

Precisely these exceptions were the "daring ones", those we defined in the past as "self-confident".

Today, as parents we can even see that all these guys have reached key positions in the economy, and are active and energetic family members.

Once upon a time, we didn't think attention problems should be treated with chemicals.

Today, the education system kicks every exception. Instead of treating - they send your child to pills.

A reaction of a stressed system suffering from a lack of budget and the loss of the road.


So what can be done?


How can you treat a child naturally and without chemicals?

ADHD and other behavioral problems, like any other physical or mental symptom in your child, are the result of an internal imbalance. The same internal imbalance is reflected in a wide variety of different symptoms, including attention and concentration disorders and behavioral problems.

As long as the child is not balanced, he will continue to suffer from all kinds of different physical and mental symptoms.

The imbalance manifested at a young age in attention deficit disorder and behavioral problems, will be manifested at a later age, in other additional symptoms.


Classical homeopathy has an answer for attention and concentration problems


• Homeopathy treats the root of the problem

• Homeopathy restores balance to body and mind

• Your child's body responds naturally to the homeopathic treatment

• The homeopathic solution is effective and natural

• The results of the homeopathic treatment are long-term

• The improvement in function and health is significant


Homeopathy treats any symptom, such as ADHD, as an indication of an internal imbalance. Hence, a symptom is actually a result. Every physical and mental symptom is a result. The homeopathic treatment of attention and concentration disorders manifested on the physical level as a chemical imbalance and on the mental level as a feeling or experience, are perceived by homeopathy as a result only.

Since these symptoms are the result of an internal imbalance, the goal of homeopathy is to help the person return to balance. When the person is balanced, this balance will be reflected on the physical level as a chemical balance and on the mental level in a healthy mood.

In order to help your child become a healthy and happy child, who does not suffer from ADHD, I would be happy to invite you to my clinic in Ra'anana. All you have to do is spare an hour and a half of your time and your child's time and decide to deal with the problem, in order to find an effective and permanent solution.

Please fill in the form details

And I will contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment

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