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Overweight - children and youth

To win the war against excess weight - she needs you by her side.


Your house is overweight.

This fact alone has very serious consequences for her physical health.
But beyond that, your child's excess weight damages her self-confidence and self-image, at the most critical age when she is shaping her identity. Every time she looks in the mirror, she cringes.
She tries to deal with her excessive craving for food, but finds herself repeatedly breaking down and failing.

She experiences failure and self-disappointment on a daily basis.

Experiences that, in some cases, can also accompany her throughout her adult life, in the ceaseless attempt to win the war against excess weight.
Diets or joining a gym are not suitable for this stage of her young age and are not a solution.

The cause of obesity must be found, the problem must be solved from the root, the cause of the excess weight must be treated, the reason it looks and behaves the way it does today.

What is the main factor that leads to obesity in your household?

The reason your daughter is overweight is because her body is not balanced.

The imbalance affects her metabolic rate, her excessive appetite, her desire to eat non-nutritious food in large quantities.

No matter how many diets she does, it will not solve the imbalance that is at the root of the problem.
Classical homeopathy has an answer to the imbalance that is affecting your home and proven results. Don't let your daughter enter this terrible cycle of dieting and another dieting of constant weight gain and loss, of obsessing over food, which over the years will only harm her and her body, causing cumulative physical and mental damage. Put an end to it now, while she's still young, before it affects her future.

The results of the homeopathic treatment in relation to obesity among children and youth:
The homeopathic treatment actually brings the body back into balance. The body, in its balanced state,

begins to treat the excess weight and brings the following results:

  • Significant decrease in appetite threshold.

  • Balance in the consumption of fats and sugars.

  • Improving the functioning of the metabolic system.

  • Significant improvement in natural metabolism.

  • Decrease in fat mass.

  • Weight loss.

I invite you and your home to be diagnosed.

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