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Overweight - adults

As a classic homeopath, and the weight loss experts will forgive me, I do not believe in diets. I don't believe in miracle pills for weight loss or "magic cream" for weight loss, because I meet dozens of women and men, who tried different diets and ended up gaining weight, even beyond their previous weight. I believe, with clear knowledge, that the problem of excess weight is a symptom of the violation of the delicate balance of the body and mind. Neither a pill nor a diet will be able to restore your body's balance.

And why is it so important for you and me to know this?  
Because fat is not just a disturbing aesthetic issue. Excess fat is a symptom that directly affects many systems in the body, including the immune system, the heart, the liver and the blood. Being overweight can cause a significant decrease in the functioning of the various body systems, and of course also a decrease in the quality and life expectancy.

Why is this happening to us? 
Once, not so long ago, we were young and thin. Something happened on the way. Some of us eat much less today compared to the past, but for some reason the body stores fat. The reason for this is that the body is out of balance. All the systems in the body, from the cellular level to the digestive system level, have lost the delicate balance that kept us when we were young. There are many reasons for going out of balance: lifestyle, diet, stress, irregular sleep, our lifestyle, use of medications and more. The good news is that our body, our natural doctor, knows how to return to balance if only we give it the opportunity.

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