Yes, There is a Natural Way…

Results supported by experience

After long years of study with the best homeopaths worldwide, in israel and abroad, and years of teaching homeopathy and training the future generation of homeopaths in the leading school of homeopathy in israel, based on my experience in the treatment of many children and adults suffering from various forms of physical and mental ailments, it is my firm belief that the body’s natural curative powers, given the right conditions, are able to restore mental and physical health in almost every case of illness and disease.

I have had the pleasure of working and escorting, not only individuals but whole families for years, witnessing how good Classical Homeopathy provides a natural and healthy solution in most forms of chronic and acute, physical and mental ailments, including: ADHD/ DD, learning disabilities, developmental and behavioural problems, weight gain, allergies, ear infections, asthma, injuries, migraines, digestive problems, reoccurring infections, hormonal troubles (such as menstrual pain, menopausal symptoms, etc.), flu, chronic fatigue, anxieties and stress related symptoms.

How does this approach agree with you?
A disease is a group of various symptoms. Symptoms are, just as their name suggests, indications. Indications that something within the person has gone out of balance.

Any symptom, whether mental or physical, ranging from various fears, worries, behavioral problems such as ADD/ADHD or any other mental incapacity, in addition to any type of physical symptom such as obesity, low energy, fatigue, blood pressure, indigestion, headaches or any other form of discomfort is, according to Classical Homeopathy, the end result of an internal imbalance.

Both physical and mental symptoms are indications that something is basically “off”. Just like the orange light in the dashboard of your car, indicates that you are out of petrol/ gas (depending on your country of origin).

So when the light goes on in the dashboard, do you disconnect the light, in order to switch it off, or do you treat the cause of the problem and go fill in petrol at the gas station?

If you are one of those more enlightened individuals who choose to fill up their tank rather than start fiddling with the light, you might agree with my approach.  And it is for this reason that Classical Homeopathy does not treat symptoms but rather aims to restore health, by creating balance and stimulating the person’s natural healing and curative powers.

So, the theory sounds good… but does it really work?
Yes it does. Clinical experience shows that both children and adults, treated by good Classical Homeopathy, testify that in addition to an improvement and cure of symptoms, they enjoy an improved sense of wellbeing, higher energy and peace of mind. Yes, and above all, they are happier people. Strange and unfortunate, but in many cases happiness doesn’t seem to be too high in a person’s priority list nowadays. Whereas I think it should be pretty high, if not at the top of the list.

Ok, so how can I get started?
If you relate to what I have written and it does strike a chord with your general outlook on life or, if you have tried so many things and failed and are willing to give yourself another chance since at this point, you don’t really have much more to lose (you see, these are the two main types of people coming to my clinic. Mind you, although such people may start out by being skeptic, the results, thank God, speak for themselves and they end out being advocates of homeopathy), you are welcome to contact me for further details and in order to schedule an appointment.

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